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Video Gallery

We partner with Intermedia to provide the best quality services coupled with the care and customer support of our small business. Watch the videos below to learn more about how Intermedia helps businesses just like yours.

Overview of Elevate Services

Elevate Services allow our clients to work better, wherever they are. From VOIP phone lines to file storage, see how Elevate can simplify your business.

Elevate vs On-Premise Phone Systems

See how Susan and Dave tackle normal business issues with Elevate versus a traditional business phone system.

Elevate Desktop App

Get an overview on how the Elevate desktop app (previously Intermedia Unite) can empower your team.

Elevate Mobile App

The Elevate Phone App (previously called Intermedia Unite) helps you take your work with you, wherever you go.

Unified Intermedia Unite® and Contact Center

Watch a tutorial of how an agent would interact with the Intermedia Unite Contact Center portal.

How Elevate Delivers Better Customer Experiences

This vets office has been able to transform their customer service experiences while also giving their employees more freedom to work from wherever.

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