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Cloud Communications for Healthcare

3 Ways Cloud Communications Can Benefit Your Healthcare Organization
Improve patient experiences, staff productivity, and operational efficiency – All with one communications platform
Providing outstanding patient care is a top priority for healthcare organizations. But as patient needs and expectations evolve, healthcare organizations must evolve as well. To meet patient's expectations for a convenient, modern experience, healthcare organizations recognize they must provide quick answers, increased access, helpful service, and efficient task resolution at all points in the patient journey.
A fully integrated cloud communications platform goes a long way toward improving the patient experience and engagement – regardless of whether patients are in the examination room or sitting at their kitchen tables. Empower your staff to proactively engage with patients, reminding them of upcoming appointments, prescription refills, and outstanding bills. Communicate with patients in their preferred channel – voice, email, text, or video – all while meeting security, compliance, and privacy requirements. The flexibility and feature set of cloud communications also helps increase the productivity and efficiency of staff and operations, which further improves the patient experience.

Let’s take a look at some common use cases for most healthcare organizations, along with the benefits and capabilities needed to implement each.

Deliver Exceptional Patient Experience

Address Patient Queries Quickly and Efficiently

When your patients have questions or need help, you want to give them the right information – quickly and hassle-free. No one wants to wait on hold or be passed around to multiple departments. To maximize every interaction, healthcare providers need to transform their communications platform to ensure superior responsiveness for every patient, every time. This means easy, accurate, and prompt answers to patient inquiries, as well as proactive
appointment reminders, outreach, and follow-up.

When you adopt Intermedia Unite, you untether your staff from old technology. With our single, integrated cloud communications platform, staff can handle any volume of inbound queries across multiple channels – phone, chat, text, and video. Integrated with most major electronic health record (EHR) systems, Intermedia Unite provides the seamless digital care and proactive outreach that your patients deserve.

Answer patient queries fast & effectively

Rapidly verify patient identification and route calls to the right staff or department. Provide self-service options for finding common information or handling routine tasks using interactive voice response (IVRs) and intelligent routing.

Send proactive & timely reminders

Minimize no-shows, increase medical adherence, and reduce the revenue cycle with proactive voice, text, or email reminders for appointments, prescription refills, and outstanding bills.

Engage patients through any channel

Engage patients or caregivers through their preferred channels, moving easily between integrated phone, chat, text, video, call center, email, and secure file sharing.

Maximize Staff Productivity

Work from anywhere with integrated, mobile communications

Your clinicians and staff want to be as productive as possible - whether they're in the office, answering calls from home, or conducting virtual exams. This means empowering your employees to connect with patients and colleagues – before, during, and after each appointment – on any device, through any channel, from any location.

Intermedia’s integrated cloud communications platform makes it easy to support remote or hybrid work environments. Our feature-rich set of tightly integrated and intuitive cloud solutions lets your staff easily and securely manage high call, text, or email volumes, share documents and files, conduct video appointments, and log and summarize important interaction details.

Work from anywhere

Our integrated cloud communications platform is available virtually anywhere, anytime, and on any device – creating a more flexible workforce, extending reach, and improving productivity.

Support virtual visits with video conferencing

Patients increasingly prefer the convenience and access of telehealth. Our cloud communications platform includes easy-to-use and secure high-definition video, screen sharing, and collaboration features.

Compile better call summaries

With artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled communication systems, your staff-patient communications can be automatically transcribed, redacted, and even summarized, making future review a snap.

Improve Operational Efficiency, Security, & Compliance

Remain compliant while you scale and flex to meet patients' needs

Just as landline home phones are household relics, on-premises phone systems for healthcare organizations are outdated, expensive to maintain, and hard to move.

Investing in a cloud communications platform empowers healthcare organizations to dramatically increase operational efficiency while protecting data privacy and security. If your patients, staff, and providers are using chat, text, voice, video, and email to connect, our cloud communications platform makes it easy to preserve, protect, and retrieve communications in compliance with data retention regulations. You can also scale in a budget-friendly manner without rewiring or purchasing new on-site hardware – maintaining security and reliability for all your staff and patient communications.

Operate with HIPAA-compliant security

Our services are designed to meet the privacy and security requires for Protected Health Information (PHI), including HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance, HITRUST certification, communication and recording encryption, roles-based authentication, and more. Patient data is private and protected in our secure cloud.

Ensure Staff Privacy

Mobile workers need to be able to securely communicate and share documents and files while protecting their own personal privacy (for example, not disclosing personal phone numbers). Our mobile apps extend business numbers to mobile devices, keeping your team members’ personal phone numbers private when they are routing or returning calls.

Scale and flexibility

Our cloud-based communications platform is easy to scale and manage. Add temporary staff during periods of higher call volumes and expand your talent pool to non-local markets. If you need to expand or move locations, it’s simple to create a new account, port numbers, and drop ship new phones – all from a central account.

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