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Full Feature Overview

All-In-One Communications & Collaboration

Wherever work takes you, a better way to communicate needs to come, too. With Intermedia Elevate, a full office communications suite goes wherever you go. Unite combines a feature rich business phone system with video conferencing, chat, contact center, file sharing, and more with the integrated mobile and desktop apps that allow for wherever, whenever communication.

And with Unite, they are all available on one integrated, secure, reliable, and easy-to-use platform.

Intermedia Unite Features

Phone System & Hardware

Cloud-based phone service offering 90+ enterprise-grade calling features and excellent network call quality and uptime.
System configuration and call reporting managed from a single web-based portal with built-in Spam Call Protection
Variety of plug and play devices available, pre-configured to cater to your business needs

Mobile & Desktop Apps

The Unite App transforms smartphones and computers into essential collaboration tools with calls, chats, video meetings, advanced voice mail features and presence awareness
Extend business numbers to mobile, sync contacts from Microsoft 365, Google, and more for seamless communication

Team Chat

Real time communication with direct, private, and public channels for unlimited conversations, file sharing, and more across US, Canada, and Puerto Rico
Access to advanced collaboration features like @ mentions, search in chat, replies, rich text editor, and secure and encrypted message syncing across mobile and desktop apps

Video Conferencing

Meet face to face in HD video and share your screen for more interactive and productive meetings with colleagues and customers
Access to advanced features-like automatic meeting lock, virtual backgrounds, meeting transcriptions, and more

Advanced Hunt Groups

Call center software with supervisor monitoring, scheduled reports, extended storage, real time dashboard, smart greetings, customizable call distribution, and agent wrap time

File Management

Seamless file access across devices with user control, real time back up, quick recovery, and up to 200 GB per user of SecuriSync File Storage

Video Overviews

Elevate Desktop App

Get an overview on how the Elevate desktop app (previously Intermedia Unite) can empower your team.

Elevate Mobile App

The Elevate Phone App (previously called Intermedia Unite) helps you take your work with you, wherever you go.

Add-On Features

Unite Archiving

Automatically captures and retains calls, chats, and SMS, ensuring all communications are preserved in a centralized location with powerful contextual search for quick access when needed
Facilitates compliance with internal governance and regulatory requirements through encrypted data at rest and in transmit, multifactor authentication

Company Messaging

Enable SMS communication with main company number or toll-free number, facilitating instant, customized responses from subject matter experts
Ensure effective outbound communication by assigning labels such as Sales or Support

Toll-Free Calling

Multiple toll-free numbers can share the same bucket of minutes for cost optimization
Calls to/from US, Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are charged at a consistent rate with 6-second metering after the first 18 seconds, ensuring a more predictable bill and longer lasting buckets

Contact Center

Voice, chat, and email queues combine into a single omni-channel experience with customizable call flows

Benefits of Cloud-Based Communications

Why Switch to the Cloud?

Unsure how cloud communications differ from legacy on-premises phones, and why you should move your business phones to the cloud? We’ve assembled and answered some common questions that business owners ask.

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