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Cloud Communications for Restaurants

3 Ways Cloud Communications Can Benefit Restauranteurs

Improve customer experiences, employee productivity, and operational efficiency – All with one communications platform
The restaurant business is a dynamic, highly competitive space. From fast-food and fastcasual cafes to full-service establishments, restaurants need flexible and cost-effective
solutions that help employees provide the best customer experience, on-site and off.
A fully integrated cloud communications platform goes a long way toward improving the
customer experience – regardless of whether the customer is on the phone ordering
takeout or walking through your front door for an anniversary dinner. 

Empower your team to engage with customers from any location through any channel, so they spend more time serving customers and less time juggling technology. You’ll boost customer satisfaction, raise employee productivity, and increase operational efficiency. 

Let’s take a look at three key use cases for restaurants – along with the benefits and capabilities needed to implement each.

Deliver Superior Customer Experience

Engage with your guests through preferred channels

Consumer dining preferences are evolving rapidly. To maximize every interaction, restaurants need to ensure superior and responsive service for every guest, every time. For in-house dining, it means the most available employee can answer calls from any device, freeing others to focus on guests. For callers, it means minimal hold times and efficient routing for quick and easy reservations and takeout ordering.

With Intermedia Unite, your teams are untethered from old technology and can interact with customers across multiple channels, supported by integrated phone, chat, text messaging, SMS, video conferencing, screen sharing, and more. Communicate with customers more efficiently and effectively – all within one platform – and provide the seamless digital service and support your guests expect.

Engage on any channel

Move easily between integrated phone, chat, SMS, and call center, while minimizing transfers and dead ends with intelligent routing and self-service interactive voice response (IVRs).

Answer calls quickly

Rapidly verify patient identification and route calls to the right staff or department. Provide self-service options for finding common information or handling routine tasks using interactive voice response (IVRs) and intelligent routing.

Keep Customers Updated

Support customers’ expectations of a seamless digital journey, from ordering to (curbside) pickup, with text updates on order preparation and availability.

Maximize Employee Productivity

Work from anywhere with integrated, mobile communications

You want your employees brimming with productivity – whether they’re greeting guests, taking an order, serving food, or answering the phone. This means empowering your people to connect with guests, back of house staff, and suppliers on any device, through any channel, from any location.

With Intermedia’s integrated cloud communications platform, your team can easily connect with guests in person and on the phone. Host busy seating guests? Other staff can provide prompt reservation and takeout order service on mobile devices, even if they’re not in the restaurant. Need pre-shift menu briefings across multiple locations? Turn on video conferencing and go. Checking ingredients with suppliers or other chain locations? Move seamlessly between text messaging, phone calls, and video chats as you go from kitchen to supply room and out on the road. Thanks to our feature-rich set of tightly integrated and intuitive cloud solutions, your team can easily manage call queues, transfer customers and colleagues, and log important reservation, supply, and order details. Your people will be ready, willing, and able to serve guests and keep your restaurant ready for anything through any channel on any device from any location.

Always-on customer service

Never miss important calls or orders – plus, manage call queues and easily collaborate from back of house to dining room and out onto the road, using our Mobile App.

Increased productivity

Empower a more flexible, effective, and productive team that communicates anytime, from anywhere, with anybody, and on any device — in one or across multiple restaurant locations.

Improved responsiveness

Mobile communications allow easy access to information about reservations, orders, and menus to immediately respond to common customer queries.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Easily scale and flex as your business changes

Just as landline home phones are household relics, on-premise phone systems for restaurants are outdated, expensive to maintain, and hard to move. Investing in a cloud communications platform helps restaurants dramatically increase operational efficiency. If you have plans to expand with more locations, move locations, or extend your current location’s footprint, Intermedia Unite makes it easy to scale in a budget-friendly manner with the same set of tools for each new site.

Scale and flexibility

Cloud-based communications platforms are easy to scale and manage. As new restaurants open, shift locations, or expand into larger spaces, it’s simple to create a new account, port numbers, and drop ship new phones – all from a central account.

Streamline systems

With a cloud-based communications platform, you use the same set of integrated tools across all locations, making it easier to connect all locations and for employees to move between locations without learning new technology.

Save Money

Old, hardwired phone systems are expensive to maintain and harder to move. Reduce operating costs with a cloud-based and flexible communications platform.

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